Fun Filming In Wrexham: Behind The Scenes Of Our New Walking Food Tour Video

We recently had the pleasure of filming a new video for Walking Food Tours UK in the charming city of Wrexham. The event was made even more special with the participation of our MD and founder, Gareth, who was joined by some very special guests. It was a delightful experience that perfectly captured the essence of what makes our tours so enjoyable.

Perfect Weather and Perfect Company

The day of the shoot, we were blessed with excellent weather—a quintessentially beautiful day that showcased Wrexham in its best light. The sun shone warmly, adding a vibrant glow to the city’s picturesque streets and historic landmarks. This set the perfect backdrop for our video, highlighting the inviting atmosphere that our tours promise.

A Culinary Adventure

Our Wrexham Food & Drink Tour is all about exploring the rich and diverse culinary landscape of the region, and this shoot was no exception. The video captures an array of delectable delights that participants can expect to enjoy on the tour.

Stunning Savory and Desserts: From mouth-watering savoury dishes to indulgent desserts, the video captures the variety and quality of food that makes our tours a gourmet’s dream. The blend of traditional and contemporary Welsh cuisine offers something for everyone, promising a memorable experience for all our guests.

Join Us on the Tour

If you’re a food enthusiast looking to explore the culinary delights of Wrexham, our Walking Food & Drink Tour is an experience not to be missed. The video gives just a taste of the adventure that awaits. Join us to indulge in fine wine, Welsh delicacies, and much more, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Wrexham.