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Meet Gareth Boyd, the passionate owner and creator of Walking Food Tours UK.

Gareth’s heart belongs to the world of food, drink, exploration, history, and travel. Fuelled by his deep-seated love for these facets of life, Gareth embarked on a journey of culinary discovery. Having experienced the magic of numerous food walking tours himself, he was inspired to share his enthusiasm with others.

In 2018, he established Tours Around Chester, followed by the launch of Liverpool Food Tours in 2019. In 2023 A Taste of Shrewsbury Food Tours commenced and this year Liverpool Wine Tours and A Taste of Wrexham Food Tour. On your tour with us, you might have the pleasure of meeting Gareth himself, or our dedicated team members like Mikey, Trev, Ann, Richard, and Paul, all of whom share his unwavering passion for the culinary and cultural wonders of the UK. Welcome to a world of delectable experiences, where every bite tells a story.

Further information regarding the team is available here.

A 'Coffee' For A Cause

For every tour we conduct in Liverpool and Chester, we make sure to give back to the communities that welcome us. We’ve partnered with homeless charities in both cities to provide support where it is needed most. For every tour, we donate the equivalent of a ‘coffee’ to these charities. This simple gesture represents our dedication to combating homelessness and improving the lives of those less fortunate in our communities.

Team Member on Liverpool Tour

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3 April 2024

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