What’s A Food Tour?

A Food Tour? What’s That?

How many times have you been on holiday and gone to a memorable food or drink venue that your family or friends have brought up every year reminiscing ‘remember that amazing ice cream we had in Italy that time’ or ‘this is good but nothing will ever beat that pizza from last summer’. Every foodie has their own favourites and an undeniable passion for great food, especially knowing that you’re eating or drinking from an independent. There’s something about independents that provides an all-round better experience, right? You feel as though you’re supporting a small business, you know they’re incredibly passionate and you also know you’re tasting something authentic and original.

What if we told you that there was a way of trying foods from all around the world that are guaranteed to give your favourite culinary experiences a run for their money.

Here at Walking Food Tours UK, we have made that possible. Our walking food tours last approximately four hours and welcome you to the heart of a city/town. You visit five venues enroute and enjoy the finest food and drink, all whilst learning about history/culture as you are guided from venue to venue.

Our tours also provide that meaningful experience to meet the owners, management of venues who can explain the story behind the dishes that will transport you to Italy, France, America, China, Japan, Poland, South-East Asia, or wherever your taste buds fancy.

Not only do we promise you will leave with a full stomach, but also full of knowledge about a city/town that may have been on your doorstep. So whether you’re a born foodie or keen to taste what a city/town has to offer, we’re the experience for you.
Walking Food Tours UK is proud to serve the cities/towns of: Liverpool, Chester, Shrewsbury and will soon be coming to Wrexham and Birmingham.

We hope you’re hungry…


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Exploring Culinary Wonders with Walking Food Tours UK: Meet Our Amazing Team! Our award-winning tours promise an unforgettable experience filled with mouthwatering delights, fascinating history, and the company of our