Pizza – Everyone’s Typical Go-To

Whether it be by takeaway, end of the night food, a cheat meal, a date dish, make it yourself…

The toppings combinations are endless, resulting in countless tastes meaning everyone has a different favourite style.

Whether it be meaty, cheesy, stuffed crust, BBQ base, piled with vegetables or even the controversial ham AND pineapple, everyone has something to say about pizza.

Chester, Liverpool, and Shrewsbury are all home to some of the tastiest and most authentic Italians which deliver the best pizza around, giving typical chains a run for their money.

But what actually qualifies as ‘real’ Italian pizza and why does it taste so much better?

Technically, there are a very strict set of rules that must be considered to call a pizza Italian. According to the TNPA (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) proper pizza must be round, a certain diameter, and kneaded on specific dough.

We think there could be more to the taste than the specifics of the physical product. For example…

Crust: Authentic pizza is characterised by a thin, crunchy crust. This is very different from the typical American-style pizzas we see today with a thick doughy crust. Having a thinner crust enables the toppings to take centre stage.

Dough: Proper pizza requires a long resting period for the dough after being made from high-quality flour. This ensures the finished product has a soft and chewy texture.

Cooking: In a proper wood-fired oven, pizzas typically take 90 seconds to cook – substantially less than a conventional oven. This will make the crust crispy and the cheese melt to the perfect level.

Toppings: The less toppings, the better. Choosing less but high-quality ingredients ensures that your pizza will be full of flavour.

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Alternatively, if you’re visiting one of these cities for a flying visit and want to taste some incredible pizza, we recommend…

Chester: Stile Napoletano

Liverpool: Crust

Shrewsbury: Dough & Oil



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