Gelato? Isn’t That Just Ice Cream?

Both are perfect for a hot day, both are delicious and sharing similar ingredients, but whilst many people assume these two cold treats are the same, that’s not the case!

Nobody is entirely show who exactly invented gelato, but we do know it’s an Italian delicacy that originated in Florence. The process of creating gelato is extremely detailed which all adds up into the preservation of sensational flavours.

Some of the most notable differences are:

  • Temperature: Gelato will be served a several degrees warmer than ice-cream. Although still cold, it can sometimes be up to 5 degrees warmer which creates a smoother and tastier texture.
  • Air Content: Ensuring every consumer gets as much product as possible, gelato only has about 20% air contents compared to almost double that ice-cream has. This involves churning the mixture at a much slower rate but results in more actual gelato.
  • Ingredients: Despite sharing many of the same ingredients, gelato generally has a substantially lower fat content, containing more milk and less cream than ice-cream.

One thing to be sure of is when heading somewhere to buy gelato, venues that typically offer less flavours are significantly more likely to be authentic. Likewise, the best gelato will be served for no more than two weeks after production, whilst some ice-creams can be stored for years at a time.

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