Celebrating Excellence: A Taste of Liverpool Food Tours Shortlisted for Merseyside Independent Business Awards 2023

Celebrating Excellence: A Taste of Liverpool Food Tours Shortlisted for Merseyside Independent Business Awards 2023

When passion, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence converge, magical things can happen. The Merseyside Independent Business Awards (MIB Awards) 2023 was a testament to this, where businesses with inspiring stories of success were celebrated, and A Taste of Liverpool Food Tours found itself among the finalists. The grand award ceremony took place on the 19th of October 2023, at the iconic Titanic Hotel, and it was an evening filled with recognition, celebration, and anticipation.

A Taste of Liverpool Food Tours: A Taste of Excellence

“We share an undying passion for showcasing the culinary treasures of Liverpool and being shortlisted is a testament to our dedication and unwavering commitment to delivering remarkable food experiences” Gareth Boyd – MD of Walking Food Tours UK

The MIB Awards have gained a reputation for highlighting businesses that transform passion into commercial success through skill and determination. It’s not just about achieving financial success but also about making a meaningful impact in the community and leaving a lasting legacy.

The Titanic Hotel: A Grand Setting for a Grand Event

The Titanic Hotel, a historical and luxurious venue located at Stanley Dock, Liverpool, played host to the MIB Awards ceremony. This magnificent location added a touch of grandeur to the event, providing a fitting backdrop to celebrate the region’s most outstanding independent businesses.

The Competition: Stiff, Yet Inspiring

A Taste of Liverpool Food Tours wasn’t alone in the race for recognition. The competition was fierce, with notable businesses like Future Yard, Southport Bijou Cinema, and St Luke’s Bombed Out Church also vying for the prestigious title. Each finalist brought their unique story and achievements to the table, making the decision a tough one for the judges.

In the end, it was Future Yard that emerged as the overall winner of the MIB Awards 2023.

Walking Food Tours UK: Multiple Accolades

Walking Food Tours UK has also been shortlisted for several other prestigious awards in 2023, including the West Cheshire & North Wales Chamber Awards, the Marketing Cheshire Awards, and the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce Awards.


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