Say Cheese! Great Cheshire Cheeses For Your Xmas Cheese Board

Welcome to our festive cheese journey where we explore the delectable world of Cheshire cheeses perfect for your Christmas cheese board. We reached out to the cheese aficionados at The Cheese Shop Chester for their expertise on crafting the ultimate cheese selection featuring local Cheshire treasures. At The Cheese Shop, they take pride in supporting local producers and are grateful to have artisan cheese makers nestled in the picturesque Cheshire countryside.

Bournes Cheshire

Our first stop on this cheesy adventure brings us to Bournes Cheshire, a cheese with a rich heritage. Crafted by the Bourne Family for generations, Mr. Bourne revived a recipe from his Great Grandmother dating back to 1845. Bournes Cheshire stands as one of the few traditional cloth-bound Cheshire cheese makers still thriving in the county. Let’s rally behind them and keep this tradition alive. Remember, at one point, there were over a thousand such cheese makers!

Burts Blue

Next up is a crowd-pleaser, Burts Blue. This delightful creamy blue cheese is a bestseller at The Cheese Shop, and for good reason. Created by Claire Burt, who started her cheese-making journey as a hobby on her kitchen table a decade ago, Burts Blue has garnered numerous Gold and Silver awards. Claire’s ongoing experimentation and dedication continue to yield remarkable cheeses that are sure to please your palate.

Drunken Burt

Continuing with Claire’s creations, we present Drunken Burt, a unique twist on the beloved Burts Blue. In this variation, the cheese is not pierced during ripening, preventing the development of blue veins. Instead, it undergoes a cider wash, resulting in a creamy soft cheese with nuanced hints of oak and apples. Occasionally, small pockets may develop, adding an extra dimension to this delightful cheese. A must-try for those seeking a flavor adventure.


Our cheese journey concludes with Crabtree, a unique cheese made exclusively in Malpas, just a stone’s throw away from the Bourne Family. Crafted by Anne, who spent years in Italy and, upon returning to England, missed the cheeses she grew accustomed to. Inspired by her Italian friend Beny, a cheese maker in Italy, Crabtree was born. This Alpine-style cheese boasts fruity notes, delicate holes, a light sponge texture, and a hint of Crab apples that the cows feed upon during Autumn. Not only a treat on your cheese board but fantastic for melting and cooking too!

This Christmas, elevate your festivities with a cheese board featuring these outstanding Cheshire cheeses. Support local producers, savor unique flavors, and let the spirit of the season infuse your cheese selections. Happy tasting!


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